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Experience the Art of Caring

We know how busy and stressful life can be and that it’s important to take some time out to do something good for yourself.

In our tranquil day spa in Mackay you’ll be treated like royalty. Our luxury salon provides a wide range of professional treatments. You’ll feel safe and comfortable in the expert hands of our therapists.

For all of our treatments (from waxing to skin treatments to body treatments) we use Waterlily. Waterlily is an authentic spa brand which reflects the fundamental values of pure, results driven and botanically active products.

Our qualified and experienced team of beauty and wellbeing experts are passionate about their work! At Ultra Medi Spa we create an escape from the outside world. We bring you a little bit of bliss and help you love living in your own skin. Our team at Ultra are devoted to delivering a spa experience to transform, replenish and rejuvenate.

At Ultra we pride ourselves on having developed a strong team culture. We have an integrative training program to nurture and cultivate the skills of our therapists. We are proud to be Mackay’s award-winning spa with a team that demonstrates excellent skills, knowledge, and innovation.

Spa Etiquette

We ask that you please respect the quiet and privacy of others by ensuring your mobile phone is turned off and by using a lowered voice.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate your co-operation by letting us know 24 hours ahead of time if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Please note: there will be a 30% fee (based on your total appointment) deducted if you fail to do so.

When To Arrive

Prior to your appointment we will require you to complete details. Feel free to arrive early so you can take advantage of our relaxation gardens to relax and unwind.

What If I’m Late?

Arriving on time for your appointment means you will experience the full pleasure of your treatment, arriving late will only lessen your time spent with us.



Salon owner, Karen, has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her passion for beauty therapy started at deportment school where she was intrigued by what she learnt about skincare, makeup and colour matching.

Karen is passionate about providing her clients with a high quality of service. One way she shows this is by allowing her clients to customise their services. So, if a guest is looking to relax after a stressful day, or if they want a more targeted treatment, each Ultra client is given personalised service to ensure they are well and truly pampered.

Continued education is very important to Karen. It is how she stays ahead of trends to serve her clients better. And, it is how she maintains her impressive repertoire of accolades which includes winning Mackay Beauty Therapist of the Year, Australian / NZ Lash Champs and being a consistent finalist in the Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

Away from work, you will find Karen indulging in some of life’s most relaxing hobbies, including painting and reading. Otherwise, she spends time with her two adorable pooches, Frankie, the French Bull Dog and Tookie, the Maltese.



Family ties were the pull for Lisa to join Ultra 3 years ago. She needed a change from her previous career as a veterinary nurse, so she came to work with her ‘amazingly talented sister’, Karen, and has now taken on the mantel of Spa Coordinator. And, the enriching staff and client connections which Lisa has made since the start of her career with Ultra Medi Spa, have reaffirmed to her that this was the right decision.

Lisa relishes in giving each Ultra Medi Spa guest a unique and personalised experience. But her favourite practice is marvelling at a client’s transformation as they leave the float tanks. The health and stress relieving benefits of the tanks remove the weights from clients’ shoulders, which is how Lisa knows she is making a real difference to their lives.

Restoration is something which Lisa enjoys in her spare time as well. So, that’s why on the weekends you will find her gardening or bringing new life to old furniture.



Bec found her calling when she started working in beauty salons in 2006. As a naturally caring person, she knew this was the right career for her, as she can remove people’s stress – even if it’s only for a few hours. So, she undertook a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and hasn’t looked back.

Bec’s genuine love of her job makes it less like work, and more like a passion project. She relishes in the creative moments and client interactions. But, above all else, she loves seeing her clients leave the salon on a blissful cloud of relaxation. When those clients return and tell her stories of a full night’s sleep or reduced pain, she knows she has added value to their lives.

This sci-fi nerd loves to spend her downtime on adventures with her family. But when they are at home, Bec is either found in the kitchen or hunting for samples from work which her daughter’s love to pilfer or repurpose.



Sharna, a devoted Beauty Therapist, joined the Ultra team after graduating high school in 2021 and earning a certificate in beauty services. She is driven by a passion for making people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Sharna values the meaningful connections Ultra nurtures with clients and takes pride in the customised skin journey offered. Her favourite business memory is the team trip to Sydney in 2022 for the ABIA awards where Ultra clinched the Beauty Salon of the Year award.

Away from the salon, Sharna loves camping, attending rodeos and festivals, cooking, and spending quality time with her partner and her 9-year-old dog, Aqua. Five years ago, she was just beginning her journey in beauty. In five years, she envisions herself traveling the world, owning a house, and possibly starting a family.



Beauty is a journey which, beauty therapist Cindi enjoys going on with her clients. Seeing client transformations or the happiness brought forth from achieving results they so desperately wanted are the rewards that Cindi receives along her journey. The trust earned and appreciation shared are also some of the joyous rewards she takes away.

Cindi’s other passion comes with education. Beauty therapy, like many industries, is constantly evolving. So, being able to continuously learn, explore new products or techniques and improve skills is another draw that keeps Cindi engrossed in her career.

Away from the salon, Cindi is a creative soul. The budding artist is a triple threat musician who can play piano and guitar and write songs. But the creativity doesn’t stop there; she unwinds while painting or drawing. But, like many of us, she is also prone to get hangry. Fortunately, Cindi’s partner is a great cook who spoils her and her Maltese Shih-Tzu, Potchi.



Allie, Ultra’s dedicated Beauty Therapist, brings a wealth of experience, including three years in the industry and a seven-year term in the cosmetics sector in Brisbane. Passionate about making clients feel pampered and beautiful, Allie cherishes seeing them leave feeling refreshed and appreciated. She’s proud of Ultra’s distinctiveness, highlighting the meticulous care and personalised touch in each treatment.

In her spare time, Allie enjoys beach days, family gatherings, Pilates, and reading. A true crime enthusiast, she’s always ready for a captivating mystery. A mother to her daughter, Goldie, Allie appreciates tidiness in her work and home environment.

Previously in management administration in a Brisbane cosmetic clinic, Allie now envisions a future with a larger family, her own home, continued growth in the beauty industry, and potentially instructing Pilates. Allie’s journey is sure to add to the unique client experience at Ultra.

Our focus is you…

Ultra believes in a holistic approach, taking our guests on a sensory spa journey. Our passion is to create a relaxing and restorative experience focused on delivering results. With our philosophy being “even the smallest touches have the greatest impact and indulgences”. We treat each touchpoint as an experience from the moment you step into our spa until our guests are at home.

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Our passion is to create a relaxing and restorative experience focused on delivering results.