Anti Ageing Collection


A professional strength treatment masque to activate and intensify in-clinic results.  Layered with clinical concentrations of smart peptide, Heptapeptide-7 and L-carnosine to activate epidermal growth factors stimulating collagen production, hyaluronic acid regulation and wound healing factors.

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The Anti Ageing Collection is a three step home care solution to age proof skin with advanced cosmeceutical actives layered in precious omega serums and active botanical concentrates.  Begin with a skin refining lactic cleanse to redefine texture, tone, radiance and hydration.  Follow with an intense skin perfecting serum to reverse sun damage, smooth fine lines and instantly boost luminosity.  Finish with a rich skin treatment fortified with collagen enhancing resveratrol, anti-ageing vitamins, repairing beta glucan and folic acid and replenishing apple, honey and rice protein.


  • Lactic Cleanser (Full Size)
  • Q10-Omega Serum (Full Size)
  • Plasma Repair (Full Size)

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Dehydration
  • Dry Skin