Needling Roller – Dermaroller


Facts Dermaroller HC902
  • Short microneedles of 0.2 mm length
  • For the upper skin layer (epidermis) only
  • Almost painless treatment
  • High quality and sharpness of the needles, which are being made and monitored under strict quality standards in Germany.
  • There are no comparable products from the Far East, that are nothing more than cheap replicas of our original.
  • With correct care usable for around 50 treatments.
  • Recommended use at home: 2 – 3 times a week.
  • This pack includes your roller cleaner!

More Information

Correct application of the Home Care Dermaroller HC902 is crucial to obtain good results. Follow these steps and your skin will improve after just the first few applications.

1. Cleaning the skin: You must thoroughly clean the skin areas to be treated before using the Dermaroller HC902, meaning you can prevent the penetration of bacteria in the top layer of the skin. We recommend the Skin Cleanser for this purpose.

2. Starshaped application: Roll the Dermaroller HC902 over the skin areas to be treated using little pressure. In doing so, roll horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the skin. Roll approx. 2-3 times back and forth each way, lifting the device slightly each time before changing the direction.

3. In order to reach smaller wrinkles and difficult areas, use your fingers to stretch your skin for an easy use.

4. Application of care products: Allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass so that your skin is able to recover well. Then apply a suitable care product. The Dermaroller products from the Hyaluron series are especially suitable. They provide your skin with concentrated hyaluronic acid and make your skin appear plump.

The Home Care Dermaroller HC can be used by the same person several times, since the short microneedles only penetrate into the top skin layer without blood contact.