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Summer is the season of sun-kissed beaches, family road trips, and impromptu getaways. While you’re busy making memories, it’s crucial to keep your skincare game strong. Whether you’re navigating busy airports, lounging by the pool, or exploring new cities, our carefully curated list of travel essentials from Ultra Medi Spa ensures your skin stays nourished and radiant. Let’s dive into these six must-haves that are perfect for any summer escapade.

1. Hydra-C Mist – $73.00

Hydra-C Mist is your go-to skin saviour, especially after long hours in the stale air of a plane cabin. This hydrating mist is a blend of pro-vitamin B5 and Kakadu plum, rich in vitamin C. Imagine reviving your skin with a refreshing spritz as you step out of the airport, ready to explore your destination. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up, it’s ideal for setting makeup for a night out or refreshing your skin after a day in the sun.

2. Sunescape Tanning Travel Kit – $55.95

Get that sun-kissed glow, even without the beach, with the Sunescape Tanning Travel Kit. It’s your best friend for maintaining a flawless tan throughout your travels. The kit is compact enough to slip into your carry-on and includes everything you need for that perfect summer glow, from self-tan mousse to hydrating body butter.

Tanning Travel Kit includes:

  • 50ml Instant Self-Tan Mousse (Week in Fiji)
  • 50ml Gradual Tan Extender
  • 50ml llluminating Body Tint
  • 50ml Hydrating Body Butter
  • Application Mitt (FREE)
  • Tan Removal Mitt (FREE)
  • Gold Cosmetic Bag (FREE)

3. Pawpaw Nectar (We are Feel Good Inc) – $14.95

Pawpaw Nectar is a multitasking marvel for those unexpected moments, like soothing skin after a day of snorkelling or treating a pesky insect bite during a sunset hike. It works wonders on irritated skin caused from chapped lips, insect bites, wetsuit rash, minor burns and cracked heels. It’ll soothe the skin of any hardcore player. Its natural, petroleum-free formula is gentle and effective, quickly becoming a staple in your travel first aid kit. 

4. Sticky Zinc (We are Feel Good Inc) – $29.95

Face the sun with confidence using Sticky Zinc. This SPF 50+ cream, available in light and medium tints, is perfect for beach days and outdoor adventures. It’s more than just a sunscreen; with its added skincare benefits, it can double as your daily foundation, giving you a natural, protected glow while you’re out exploring.

5. Bestow Beauty Powder – $64.95

Bestow Beauty Powder

Maintain your skin’s health from the inside out, even when your diet is all over the place, with Bestow Beauty Powder. Easy to mix into a morning smoothie or sprinkle over breakfast, this superfood-packed powder ensures your skin gets all the nutrients it needs, making it a great companion for those long road trips or flights.

6. Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials Pack – $157.00

Finally, the Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials Pack is like having a mini spa in your suitcase.

Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials Pack includes:

  • Bio Cleansing Oil (travel size)
  • Lactic Cleanser (travel size)
  • Q10-Omega Serum (travel size)
  • Plasma Repair(travel size)

 Ideal for rejuvenating your skin after a day of adventure or prepping for an elegant summer evening, this pack offers a full regimen to keep your skin looking youthful and refreshed.

Summer travels are all about experiences, and with these six essentials, your skin will be as ready for adventure as you are. Say goodbye to skincare worries and hello to beautiful, healthy skin, no matter where your journey takes you!