This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating love with a special someone or honouring your journey of self-love, our exclusive 2024 Valentine’s Spa Rituals are crafted to offer you a serene escape from the everyday. From the harmonious connection of couples’ massages to the tranquil solitude of a sensory deprivation float, each ritual promises a bespoke experience designed to nurture your body, soothe your mind, and uplift your spirit.

Dive into our curated selection of spa services and discover the perfect way to celebrate love in all its forms.

Please note that our Valentine’s Spa Rituals are seasonal and available until 30 June 2024. For flexibility, consider a gift card, valid for 3 years and redeemable against any service. Due to the seasonal nature of these treatments, gift cards apply to the total spend rather than specific services.

Exclusive Escape

Escape the demands of daily life with the Exclusive Escape package. Perfect for friends or solo visitors, this package offers a dreamy float session followed by an aromatherapy relaxation massage. This unique combination promotes deep relaxation, muscle recovery, and a profound sense of calm, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat.

  • Dreamy Float Pod Session for deep relaxation
  • Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage for muscle recovery and stress relief
  • Specially curated for friends to create memorable experiences

1 hour, 30 mins · $100 (30 min float + 30 min massage)

2 hours, 30 mins · $150 (30 min float + 60 min massage)

Self Care Affair

The Self Care Affair is a solo journey of relaxation and pampering. Indulge in a luxurious Botanical Back Exfoliation followed by a mindful and balancing back massage. Cap off your experience with a stress-relieving head massage and the delightful combination of sparkling wine and chocolates. It’s a perfect way to celebrate love—especially self-love—this Valentine’s Day at Ultra.

  • Luxurious Botanical Back Exfoliation for ultimate bliss
  • 30 Minute Mind & Body Balancing Back Massage to ease your worries
  • Soothing Stress Relief Head Treatment and Massage for total relaxation
  • Sparkling Wine and Chocolate to add a touch of romance

1 hour, 10 mins · $200

Serenity Sojourn

The Serenity Sojourn is designed to offer a holistic approach to relaxation and rejuvenation. This package includes a deeply calming Mind & Body Balancing Massage, a sensory-activating Spa Facial, and a serene float session, complemented by our signature Moroccan Rose Hand Ritual. It’s an invitation to surrender to the gentle rhythm of expertly tailored treatments that rejuvenate your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • 90min Mind & Body Balancing Massage for holistic rejuvenation
  • Skin & Sensory Spa Facial to stimulate and calm the parasympathetic nervous system
  • 30min Float Session for deep relaxation
  • Moroccan Rose Hand Ritual for the ultimate pampering experience

3 hours, 40 mins · $485

Perfection Affection

Immerse yourselves in the ultimate couples’ retreat with the Perfection Affection Package. Designed exclusively for two, this package offers a blend of treatments that harmonise mind and body, refresh your feet with botanical essences, and elevate your spirit with luxurious head massages. It’s a celebration of love, designed to rejuvenate and connect, leaving you both with unforgettable memories of tranquility and closeness.

  • 60-minute Mind & Body Balancing Massage to harmonise and rejuvenate
  • Pampering Botanical Foot Rejuvenation for soothing and refreshing your soles
  • Stress Relief Head Treatment and Massage to let worries drift away
  • Sparkling Wine & Decadent Chocolates to toast to your love

4 hours, 40 mins · $620