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The beginning of a new year offers a fresh slate, an opportunity to reset and invest in yourself. But who said you need to wait for January 1st to make the ultimate investment in your beauty and wellness? Whether you’re contemplating a gift for a loved one or thinking about treating yourself, a skin membership could just be the smartest beauty investment you’ll make. Here’s why.

Long-term Commitment for Long-term Results

Beauty isn’t a one-off endeavour; it’s a continuous journey. Single treatments may offer temporary results, but for lasting improvement, consistency is key. Skin memberships such as Ultra Platinum and Anti-Ageing are designed with this in mind. These programs span 12 months, providing you with a tailored treatment regimen to maintain and improve your skin health over time.

Comprehensive Packages

With a skin membership, you’re not just signing up for one treatment type. Packages like Complexion Perfection and Clear Skin target specific issues like pigmentation, acne scarring, or uneven complexion and provide a variety of treatments to tackle them effectively. This multi-pronged approach ensures better, more sustainable results.

Exclusive Perks and Inclusions

Memberships come with a host of added bonuses. From free skin planning sessions to VIP early access to exclusive offers and events, being a member means you’re first in line for everything. Some packages even allow you to transfer your monthly facial to a friend for a nominal fee. The cherry on top? Complimentary eyebrow shaping, free birthday facials, and additional discounts on other treatments and products.

Specialised Treatments

What sets memberships apart are their curated, specialised treatments. Whether it’s LED Light Lounge Treatments to boost collagen or UltraFormer Hifu Facials for skin tightening, memberships offer cutting-edge treatments that you might not typically select but can substantially elevate your beauty game.


With memberships like Ultra Wellness and Teenage Skin Fit Facial, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking relaxation through massages and floatation therapy sessions or you want to address a teen’s unique skincare challenges, you’ll find a package that suits your needs. This flexibility makes a skin membership the perfect Christmas gift for friends or family, offering them a bespoke experience catered to their needs.

A Menu of Options for Every Skin Type

With an array of skin memberships to choose from, there’s something tailored to meet everyone’s unique skincare needs. Here’s a quick overview of our offerings:

  • Ultra Platinum ($95 per week, 12-month commitment): A luxurious, results-driven experience aimed at overall skin and body health improvement.
  • Anti-Ageing ($85 per week, 12-month commitment): Target fine lines and wrinkles with high-performance treatments.
  • Pigmentation Perfection ($79 per week, 6-month commitment): Designed to tackle skin discolouration, pigmentation, and acne scarring.
  • Ultra Wellness ($45 per week, 6-month commitment): Enhance your well-being with soothing and revitalising experiences.
  • Clear Skin ($88 per week, 6-month commitment): Targeted treatments for a softer, clearer, and smoother skin.
  • Teenage Skin Fit Facial ($85 per week, 3-month commitment): Perfect for adolescents, this program addresses unique skincare challenges and promotes a clear complexion.

Choosing the right membership depends on your specific skincare needs, lifestyle, and the results you’re aiming to achieve. Each package has been carefully curated to offer maximum benefits and exclusive perks.

A Holistic Approach

Packages like the Anti-Ageing Skin Membership and Ultra Platinum offer a holistic approach to beauty. They incorporate both high-performance facial treatments and wellness practices like LED light therapy, ensuring that you’re not just treating the skin’s surface but also its underlying health.


Although a membership might seem like a significant initial outlay, when broken down to a weekly commitment, it becomes a manageable, budget-friendly expense. Plus, the value you receive in treatments and added perks far outweighs the individual cost of these services.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Finally, if you’re looking for a memorable and lasting gift for the holiday season, consider gifting a skin membership. With the arrival of Christmas and the New Year, there’s no better time to give the gift of glowing, healthy skin. It’s not just a present; it’s a partnership in wellness, a commitment to long-term beauty and a testament to the importance you place on self-care.

So as the festive season approaches, why not make a smart investment that aligns with the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation that the New Year brings? A skin membership is more than just a series of treatments; it’s a pathway to a better, more radiant you. And that’s an investment worth making.